The Benefits of Family Medicine

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of you and your family. Choosing a healthcare provider that you trust to prioritize and treat everyone's needs can be challenging, especially when infants, toddlers, children, and adults are concerned. While you might currently see a different doctor than your children, picking a clinic specializing in family medicine means that the entire family can be treated in one place. Dr. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula-Lansford Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC at Trophy Club Family Medicine in Trophy Club, TX, provide family medicine and preventive care to patients.

What is Family Medicine?

Family medicine is a form of primary care medicine focusing on comprehensive and continuous care for individuals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Practitioners, also known as family physicians, are trained in medical care across a wide range of conditions and can serve as primary care providers for a patient's entire life.

Why Should I Build a Long-Term Relationship with My Medical Team?

Building a long-term relationship with your physician means they'll understand your complete medical history, family history, and lifestyle when treating and diagnosing illnesses. They can provide personalized, ongoing care tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Additionally, they can help you put together a preventative care plan to help you achieve optimal health for years to come.

Building a solid relationship with your doctor is crucial for your overall well-being, but your child's medical care probably takes priority if you're a parent. If you're seeing the same doctor as your child, you have the unique opportunity to understand what it feels like to be a patient in their care, which will give you a deeper understanding of how they will treat your child. Infants, toddlers, and even adolescents aren't always able to express if they're in pain, so knowing that their physician will work with them to understand how they're feeling is essential.

Family Medicine at Trophy Club Family Medicine

At Trophy Club Family Medicine, we prioritize building lasting relationships with our patients, regardless of age. We perform many critical services, such as immunizations, preventative care, in-house X-ray services, diagnostic radiology, and many more. Our goal is to diagnose the root cause of any pain or discomfort you're feeling, not only so we can treat it but also to stop it from recurring.

We have a team of knowledgeable professionals, Dr. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula-Lansford Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC.

To begin your journey to optimal health and wellness with family medicine, contact Trophy Club Family Medicine in Trophy Club, TX, by calling (817) 430-9111.

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