Importance of Immunizations for All Ages

Vaccines were part of your growing up, some you had when you were still a baby and many others likely right before the beginning of every school year. You encounter vaccines less and less often as you get older, but the ones that are recommended in adulthood are by no means any less important. Immunizations are for all ages, speak with your doctor about which are recommended for you and learn more by reaching out to physicians Drs. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula Lansford Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC of Trophy Club Family Medicine in Trophy Club, TX.

Immunization Schedule

An immunization schedule is a recommended plan prepared by professionals about which vaccines to get and when, as some of these require multiple doses at different ages for greater efficiency.

Although the specifics for each type of vaccine vary, in essence, they work by exposing your immune system to a safe version of a disease. This allows your body to build antibodies that can protect it against the real disease if it is ever exposed to it, basically teaching your immune system how to fight the disease.

Most of these are given to you when you are young, but there are still some vaccines that you should likely get as an adult.

Influenza and Covid 19

The annual flu shot is recommended for just about everyone, but it's especially beneficial to those at higher risk of complications, such as those who are 65 years of age or older, pregnant women, young children, and those who suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Those same people are also at risk for complications from COVID-19 and vaccine and booster recommendations vary on these factors as well as when you received your first vaccine.


Another type of vaccine that adults may require is the shingles vaccine, a condition that develops as a painful blistering rash. It affects those who've had chickenpox as children but it's recommended for just about everyone, as many don't remember if they've had chickenpox or didn't experience symptoms and may not be aware that they had it. The vaccine is available to people over 50 and may be recommended by your doctor.

Immunizations for All Ages in Trophy Club, TX

If you are interested in immunizations for all ages in Trophy Club, TX, you can schedule a visit with physicians Dr. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula Lansford Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC of Trophy Club Family Medicine by dialing (817) 430-9111.

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