Influenza Vaccinations FAQs

Many people contract the flu each year and develop a host of symptoms such as body aches and fever. However, the flu is preventable. Influenza vaccinations, commonly called flu shots, are extremely effective at reducing the likelihood of getting the flu. In Trophy Club, TX, influenza vaccinations are available at Trophy Club Family Medicine, where Drs. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula Lansford-Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC can help you take steps to stay healthy during flu season. 

Who should get a flu vaccine and how often?

The influenza vaccine can be administered to children, teens and adults of all ages. Babies can begin receiving flu shots at six months of age. Flu viruses are continuously changing so it is important to get a flu shot every year. Influenza vaccines are regularly updated to keep up with new strains of the flu. Most individuals should get a flu vaccine once every year, but patients with compromised immune systems or certain health conditions should check with their doctor first. 

How does the flu vaccine help?

There are many benefits to getting influenza vaccinations at our Trophy Club, TX, family medicine practice. The vaccine significantly reduces your risk of contracting the flu. It also reduces symptoms of the flu, including fever, body aches, coughing, sore throat and fatigue. Another way flu shots help is by reducing complications related to having the flu, such as sinus or ear infections. 

Can the influenza vaccine give you the flu?

The influenza vaccine does not give anyone the flu. The vaccine contains inactivated viruses. However, some individuals might experience mild flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue or a low-grade fever, which are often signs your body’s immune system is responding to the vaccine and learning how to fight the virus. 

Are there other ways to reduce my risk of getting the flu?

Getting an influenza vaccine is the best way to prevent yourself from getting the flu, but there are other steps you can also take to further reduce your risk. In addition to getting a flu shot, you can protect yourself by implementing the following practices:

  • Avoid touching the face 
  • Wash hands frequently 
  • Maintain a safe distance from individuals who are sick 
  • Regularly disinfect frequently-touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, remote controls)
  • Maintain a strong immune system by getting enough rest, staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly 

Getting a flu shot every year is an effective way to prevent the flu, as well as reduce symptoms and flu-related complications. Schedule an appointment with Drs. David Yi, Dr. April Enard, Dr. Paula Lansford-Seabaugh, and PA Carol Addy PAC for influenza vaccinations in Trophy Club, TX, by calling Trophy Club Family Medicine at (817) 430-9111.

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