Why Immunizations Are Important

Most people get immunizations beginning when they are infants. Despite that, many questions remain about why immunizations are important. At Trophy Club Family Medicine in Trophy Club, TX,  the team led by Dr. David Yi can provide the information you are looking for. 

Why immunize

An immunization, which is also called a vaccination, is a way to help your body fight off infectious diseases. An immunization protects you but it also protects others. When a higher number of people get immunized, society reaches collective immunization and some diseases have been eradicated. Polio is an example of a disease that was wiped out through immunization. Smallpox has been essentially eradicated from the world through immunizations, for example.

Even though vaccines can help control some infectious diseases, the viruses, and bacteria that cause the diseases still exist and pose a risk to those who may be vulnerable. Different immunizations use different methods of getting your body to fight but the result is the same. Your body will recognize the infection as a danger, sometimes forever. 

When to Receive Immunizations

Immunizations are something you receive throughout your lifetime. Your child's pediatrician will discuss the CDC and AAP recommended schedule of vaccinations which begins shortly after birth. After age 18, some immunizations need to be boosted and, in the case of some vaccinations such as the flu vaccine, they are received yearly.  

Are Immunizations Safe?

A lot of misinformation and myths about immunizations have been circulating for years. The HHS (Health and Human Services) has safeguards that are in place for all vaccinations. The immunizations go through a process of testing by the FDA and then they are recommended by the CDC. It can take several years and the vaccines go through clinical trials. Before they finish the process, usually thousands of volunteers have tested the immunizations. 

After approval, the testing of the individual batches of the vaccine continues to make sure that they are potent, pure, and sterile. The factory where the vaccine is produced is also inspected. By the time the vaccines are released to the public, you can receive them with confidence at any Trophy Club, TX family medicine practice.

Some immunizations you should receive

As an adult, most immunizations are voluntary, but that doesn't mean that you should skip them. You don't need to get the shingles immunization or the pneumonia immunization, but getting the disease can be very serious and the vaccines are readily available and inexpensive. Your yearly flu immunization is also recommended given the large number of people who still die every year from influenza. 

To learn more about immunizations, contact Dr. David Yi of Trophy Club Family Medicine in Trophy Club, TX. For an appointment, call 817-430-9111.

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