Caring for Yourself When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body mismanages blood sugar. There are two kinds of diabetes. Type 1 occurs when the immune system attacks and destroys insulin, and type 2 occurs when the blood glucose (sugar) levels are too high. At Trophy Club Family Medicine, Dr. Carol Addy, Dr. David  Yi, and Dr. Paula Lansford-Seabaugh help patients prevent or manage this condition. In between visits to our Trophy, TX, office, however, self-care is vital. Here are some tips for taking care of yourself when you have diabetes.

Diabetic Self Care Tips

A diabetic self-care strategy requires commitment and guidance from your family medicine doctor. Patients with diabetes should frequently perform the following tasks. Doing so can lower blood sugar levels and increase energy.

  • Visit a podiatrist regularly to avoid neuropathy
  • Be proactive with medical care to prevent infections
  • Don't deprive yourself of sleep - get some rest
  • Exercise regularly to improve well-being

When to Visit a Family Medicine Doctor

Undiagnosed diabetes is dangerous and should never go untreated. Numbness or tingling in the hands and feet, sudden weight loss, feeling thirsty all the time, blurred vision, and frequent urination are only a few symptoms of this metabolic disorder. Dr. Addy, Dr. Yi, or Dr. Lansford-Seabaugh can discuss others during the initial consultation. To reduce your risk of developing diabetes or if you already have this condition, we recommend visiting our Trophy Club, TX, office every three to six months to monitor blood sugar levels. Our providers can help readjust your diet, incorporate more physical activity into your lifestyle, and be proactive with self-care.

Whether you have diabetes or don't - Dr. Carol Addy, Dr. David Yi, and Dr. Paula Lansford-Seabaugh encourage patients to practice self-care as much as possible because it's essential for mental, physical, and emotional health. For more information about staff, insurance, and services provided by Trophy Club Family Medicine, visit our website. Please call 817-430-9111 for appointment scheduling with a provider in our Trophy Club, TX, office.

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