Are Vitamins Good for You?

Wondering if your health could benefit from supplements? Chances are they could.

Most people assume that if they are eating a healthy diet that they are getting all the nutrients they need to stay healthy. While this could be true, it’s not always that simple. After all, there are many factors such as stress and genetics that can affect how little or how much nutrients we get from our diet alone. So, chances are good that you could benefit from vitamins, but it’s important to first find out where your nutritional deficiencies lie so that you know which supplements to take. The providers at Trophy Club Family Medicine, Dr. David Yi, Dr. Paula Lansford-Seabaugh, and Carol Addy PAC can determine what vitamins will best support your health. Contact our office in Trophy Club, TX, to learn more.

You could benefit from vitamins if:

You live above 37 degrees north or below 37 degrees south of the equator

Vitamin D is crucial for the health of our bones and a lack of vitamin D can also cause a lack of energy and an increase in inflammation and achy muscles. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is fairly common. In fact, nearly half of Americans are deficient in vitamin D.

While simply going outside for 5-10 minutes to get some sunlight could provide you with all the vitamin D you need, everything from pollution to the season can impact how much vitamin D you actually get. Even though canned tuna, wild-caught salmon, and mackerel are some of the foods with the highest amounts of vitamin D, you may still want to talk with your doctor about the benefits of vitamin D supplementation, especially during the winter months.

You’re pregnant

Now that your body is growing another human being, your body has different nutritional needs. Pregnant women need more folic acid, omega 3s, iron, and other nutrients so you must talk with your doctor about prenatal vitamins and other types of supplements that you should take to support both your health and the health of your unborn baby.

You are vegetarian or vegan

If your diet is limited or restrictive then chances are good that you may not be getting all the nutrients you need. For example, vegans and vegetarians are prone to vitamin B12 deficiency because this vitamin is most often found in meat, fish, and eggs, which vegans and vegetarians avoid. While vitamin B12 can be found in nutritional yeast, fortified non-dairy milk, tofu, and low-fat yogurt, you may still require a supplement to ensure that you’re getting your recommended daily intake.

You’re on certain prescription medications

Certain drugs may decrease or even prevent certain nutritional absorption within the gut. For example, certain anticonvulsants can decrease vitamin D or calcium absorption, while the use of diuretics could lead to an electrolyte imbalance (loss of potassium, calcium, sodium, and/or magnesium). If you are on prescription medication talk to your doctor about the potential impact it could have on absorbing nutrients in the gut.

If you are feeling fatigued or dealing with weight gain, brain fog, hair loss, or depression, these could be signs of a nutritional deficiency that could be improved through vitamins and supplements. To discuss vitamins with our providers, call Trophy Club Family Medicine at (817) 430-9111.

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