All About Our in-House Laboratory Services

Understanding what is wrong is your doctor's first step when you show up at their door with an ailment. Thankfully, our body often provides the necessary clues, and with the appropriate tests, your doctor can help you with the correct treatment. Your Trophy Club, TX, doctors, Dr. David Yi, and Dr. Paula Lansford, of Trophy Club Family Medicine, can provide a variety of in-house laboratory tests, which helps to provide significantly faster answers.

Rapid Strep and Flu Testing

It's important to find out if your child's sore throat is actually strep throat. Strep is highly contagious and the earlier it is treated the better. Both to help reduce its spread and for the sake of the treatment itself.

Testing for influenza is also a very common first step if you are someone who is at high risk of complications and are suffering flu-like symptoms. It helps your doctor make the right treatment decisions as early as possible.

Glucose Testing

Testing the glucose levels in your blood is necessary to determine a possible medical condition if the test is too low or too high.
High glucose levels may be a sign of diabetes. Symptoms can include increased thirst and frequent urination, blurred vision, and fatigue.
Low glucose levels point to other complications that can potentially lead to brain damage if it isn't addressed in time.


Urine tests can provide many clues that help your doctor diagnose several conditions. This includes diabetes, problems with your kidneys, or possible urinary tract infections.

These are typically performed during checkups or when seeking a diagnosis.

Pregnancy Testing

Not all types of tests are about determining if something is wrong. Sometimes you'll want to know with certainty if you are pregnant so you can plan.

Laboratory Services in Trophy Club, TX
Listed above are not the entirety of the laboratory services available at your Trophy Club, TX, office. Others include Mono Testing, Micro-albumin Creatinine, Urine Drug Testing, Fecal Occult Blood Testing, among others. To find out more make an appointment today with Dr. David Yi and Dr. Paula of Lansford Trophy Club Family Medicine by dialing (817) 430-9111.


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